Citroën Holidays Exploring the New Dimensions of The Art of Travel

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Citroën Holidays Exploring the New Dimensions of The Art of Travel

Revealing Citroën Holidays Bon-voyage en style, confort et encore tant d’adieu.


The idea that traveled right around Citroën Holidays, introduced at the CMT in Stuttgart, has become the epitome of the alternative Citroën will provide for travel.

Spoiling its market in spring 2024 with this modern camper van equipped with comfort and harmony is style and practicality.

Citroën Holidays emphasizes the sense of comfort and absence of restraints in a former mobile version travel, opening a new chapter in self-discovery.

The Concept of "Van Life":

Van Life has emerged as the new travel phenomena that has changed the manner people used to anticipate travel.

As the demand for a cocoon moved became a mobile cocoon whose function is to enable individuals to perceive travel positively increased therefore Citroën being a car manufacturer whose history record involves manufacturing cars that are roomy and functional adapted to the unique needs of people.

This translates to Citroën Holidays, a minivan in that is completely furnished and designed together with Bravia Mobil; a renowned conversion firm.

Cozy Interior for Ultimate Freedom:

Citroën Holidays is not only a car; it’s a mobile house.

The inside of the building has been well-planned as to make individuals feel independent in travels.

With the retractable body-colored roof, embraced standardly, there is enough headroom and it can have up to four sleeping quarters.

The conversion of the second-row bench and sliding towards a top sleep near heaven asserts comfort and flexibility.

The more intelligent design has cup-shaped mattresses for better sleeping comfort.

The lower section would have an opening rear window hence creating a source of connection to nature by those who are down below.

At the same time, the residents above enjoy ready blinds by the integrated window for the management of ventilation and light.

Among the Citroën Holidays is its useful kitchen

Kitchen and Living Space:

Among the Citroën Holidays is its useful kitchen.

In the van, there is a sink, two gas burners, a 16-liter fridge making it possible to have hearty indoor meals for no more than four people.

The table’s revolver gives a common arrangement, seats at the front can be obverted to point the way into living region.

Two removal side sliding doors, optional automated, allow for outside cooking and air dining of open air.

The interior is meant for convenience there are elements that are removable for instance the kitchen unit, people can cook even in the midst of nature.

A storage room in the van is sufficient to keep things in order inside the cabin preventing messing up in the cabin during the journey.

Versatility for Everyday Use:

Citroën Holidays, despite being seen as an adventurous getaway, it does not disrupt regular life.

At 4.98 meters long and with electric power steering, the van provides excellent nimbleness for capturing a road.

It is composed of a removable kitchen unit and toilets which allows it to be classed as an inhabitable vehicle for daily use, for up to four people and it is spacious.

Citroën Holidays can travel long distances and uncover new lands without limitations thanks to two powerful and efficient diesel engines – the BlueHDi 145 delivering 6-speed manual gearbox and the BlueHDi 180 mated with an 8-speed automatic.

Travel Experience with Style:

The Holidays also adopts all the features of the SpaceTourer, a modern form with the latest re-design of the Citroën brand newly uploaded.

The van is noticeable with a different branding, been delivered in a lighting signature and has a strong yet fluid look.

Inside, the new dash looks better, the 10-inch touchscreen is significantly larger, and the infotainment platform is high-tech.

Holidays is a stylish traveling friend with the five available colors, including the new Grey Titane and Green Kapari, which also involve.

With its contemporary outline, it displays both strength and power therefore, an empowering item in a city and a trusty accomplice for journeys.

Technology and Safety:

Safety is enhanced since the new comers offered by Citroën Holidays include advanced driving aids.

The van features 17 convenient driving aids such as the hands-free access, adaptive cruise control and the automatic emergency braking and thus safety and usability are given top priority.

The technological model, in turn, has a 10-inch digital gauge cluster instrument panel, the next-generation infotainment system with voice recognition that enables easy control.

With a 100% digital 10-inch instrument panel, the driver gets the chance to display the essential information customized virtually in high definition resolution that packs up astonishing graphical quality as well.

The large 10-inch HD touchscreen central display and the latest infotainment system, featuring the capacity to accommodate a 3D connected navigation, bring a top-of-the-range multimedia feel.

Using smartphone ergonomics this touchscreen gives opportunity for manipulation of multimedia environment similar to the music or phone while the vehicle configuration is being controlled.


As it was stated above Citroën Holidays changes the very idea of traveling as this is considered to be both stylish, comfortable, and functional.

No matter whether one finds himself or herself going for an impromptu road trip or acclimatising to the lifestyle of “Van Life”, Holidays offers a handy voyage.

Citroën Holidays promotes a new era of mobile exploration where creating a homely and limit -free environment is its focal consideration.

Wait for more specific details about the Holidays range that will be delivered at the moment opening orders are placed in spring 2024.

Brace yourself for a life changing travel experience with Citroën Holidays where every trip is a subversion of travel as an art.

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