2024 Skoda Scala: Pricing, Upgrades, Eco-Friendly Cabin

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2024 Skoda Scala: Pricing, Upgrades, Eco-Friendly Cabin

2024 Skoda Scala Facelift: Pricing, Eye-catchy Upgrades and Eco Friendly Cabin Inventions

Skoda’s Popular Hatchback Has Refreshments in New Features, Improved Dynamics of driving and Sustainable Development.

However, Skoda has recently revealed the pricing details of its much-awaited facelift Scala 2024 that isn’t just a minor refresh.

New features, improved driving dynamics and sustainable innovation are key elements of the hatchback as an updated member of one family.

Available for an attractive £22,095 at showrooms across UK and able to be ordered as early October 2018.

Customers can look forward to the arrival of The new Scala in dealerships during second half of 2014.

The facelifted Scala lineup is segmented into three distinct specifications: SE, SE L and Monte Carlo are targeted at a broad spectrum of preferences and prices.

The entry-level SE model

which is also well equipped with features including 16 inches alloy wheels, LED headlights and keyless go.

On the inside, drivers will enjoy an 8.0-inch digital instrument cluster, an infotainment system that is visibly represented at a size of eight and two quarters inches in addition to dual zone climate control guaranteeing driver comfort.

The mid-range Scala SE L

starting at £23895 offers some worthwhile upgrades over its base model.

These additions include 17 inch alloy wheels, chrome window accents and skyline privacy glass on the outside of the vehicle while inside it gets a larger state-of-the art digital gauge cluster, an updated nine point two DVE infotainment system that comes with ambient lighting in order to create more stylish interior.

On the top of the range sits a sporty Scala Monte Carlo

and its prices begin with £27,795.

Despite being a major jump from the SE L grade, it provides an array of extra standard equipment that can create quite enticing value for those after better ventilation in their ride.

Standard upgrades are 18-inch alloy wheels, panoramic sunroof, rear view camera and Matrix LED Headlights with adaptive high beam that also have a cornering function.

Driving enthusiasts will enjoy the Monte Carlo’s upgraded suspension setup with 15 mm lowered springs and adjustable dampers that provides a sporty touch to Scala’ performance.

This high-end model also provides a drive mode selector, which enables drivers to customize the driving experience according to their preferences.

Apart from the updates to the exterior and improved driving dynamics, 2024 Scala offers several changes in its cabin highlighting sustainability.

Skoda has intentionally added more recycled materials; this is to create a greener and environment-friendly design.

Hemp and kenaf plant fibers have replaced traditional fabrics like the door panels, roof lining etc.

The leather used for seat upholstery, carpets and floor mats also become part of sustainability as it is made from recycled material.

This commitment extends even to the functional aspects of Scala which has a washer bottle and wheel arch liners made from recycled plastic.

Technologically, the Scala has a digital instrument cluster as standard along with central touchscreen available in two versions.

Up to four USB-C ports are available in the cabin thus supporting connectivity needs of modern drivers.

Only petrol versions are presented in the 2024 Scala’s engine lineup that covers a wide range of power options to satisfy different performance needs.

The entry-level vehicle is 94bhp one litre three cylinder engine surrounded by a five speed manual gearbox – an uncommon setup in today’s automobile realm that enhances driving treatment.

Moving to the higher 114bhp version of this engine and arriving at a £23,070 entry price brings along with it manual transmission as standard while there is an option available for a seven-speed DSG automatic which raises that by £1,395.

For those demanding the most powerful solution, a 1.5-litre four cylinder unit developing 148bhp is available and again comes with standard manual gearbox but can be replaced by an automatic seven speed powertrain if so desired for at additional cost of £l350.

Safety has been highlighted to Skoda, and the Facelifted Scala does a lot of standard safety equipment.

The front assist with pedestrian detection, lane assists and traffic sign recognition form part of a more comprehensive package.

Six airbags are standard on the Scala, with an optional safety pack that raises it to nine.

A safety tech feature called Crew Protect is an optional pre-crash system which readies the cabin for unavoidable impacts by tightening seat belts, closing windows and improving overall occupant security.

When it comes to innovation, the tailgate is opened by a foot gesture – handy for drivers with at least one hand full.

The Virtual Pedal is an optional accessory of the Scala’s electric tailgate package.

Skoda is genuinely committed to the Simply Clever driving principle, as various features of car design such as an ice-scraper on the inside of a fuel filler flap and ticket holder seen in front windscreen vindicate.

New features include smartphone storage pockets on the front seat backs, and a removable box on the rear of central tunnel which make Scala not only more practical but also allows for user-friendly design.


The Skoda Scala Facelift 2024 is more than just a facelift in appearance.

It shows Skoda’s commitment to providing a comprehensive driving package, combining style, an efficient powertrain and environmental consciousness.

The Scala, with its variety in specifications that include superior features and dedication to ecological design will have a major vying voice for position among the contenders of hatchback segment.

Regardless of whether you value performance, technology or sustainability the facelifted Scala has a strong package that will appeal to all drivers.

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