Land Rover Defender V8 (204) – the Overpowered Definition.

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Land Rover Defender V8 (204) – the Overpowered Definition.

A Powerful Statement of Luxury.

For many years, the Land Rover Defender has been associated with rugged ability and is a no-frills vehicle for farmers, mountain rescue teams; explorers.

Nevertheless, the 2020 redesign made it a more high-class and status SUV.

From the whole spectrum of configurations, none knows this turnaround better than leading Land Rover Defender V8 with a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 engine producing 518bhp.

What's New?

Aesthetically, the V8 does not stray far from a regular Defender with ‘V8’ badges and quad-exit exhausts being more than about allusions.

Only available in white, satin grey or black, the V8 model comes with imposing default 22-inch alloy wheels that can be downgraded to rims of 20 inches.

The cabin gets upgrades such as an Alcantara steering wheel and more padding to the center console focusing on comfort.


Beneath its bonnet lies a modified variant of the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine used in both vehicles, which produces an output of 517 horsepower and torque pegged at as much as 460 lb ft.

Acceleration is impressive as the short-wheelbase 90 model sprints from zero to sixty miles per hour in five point two seconds.

Chassis upgrades comprise fine-tuned air suspension, improved rear active differential, fatter antiroll bars and larger brakes.

New ‘Dynamic’ drive mode increases chassis stiffness and engine reactivity.

Driving Experience

Being large and heavy, the Defender V8 is surprisingly easy to drive.

The steering system is precise enough, being light in the city and more so at high speeds.

The SUV demonstrates a good amount of grip and handles its bulk well, with minimal body roll in the corners considering its height.

The V8’s performance on and off-road is supplemented with the good balanced steering system coupled up with brakes that work well.

Sound and Emissions

The subdued sound that comes from the engine is emitted by a detuned version of the V8 to meet emission standards.

To make up for this, digital replication of the engine noise into the cabin is introduced by Land Rover.

Although not as dramatic shown by some competitors, this method guarantees off-road performance and sustains the compliance with emissions norms.

Off-Road Prowess

The Defender V8 performs well in off-road conditions by easily maneuvering different terrains and obstacles.

In spite of its standard-fit Continental CrossContact tires, the SUV drives over mud and cross slopes without any difficulties.

Dynamic mode boosts off-road performance, with regulated oversteer for enthusiastic and purposeful driving on rough terrain.

Interior Comfort and Space

The Defender V8 is particularly made available for 7 adult passengers, quite spacious and luxurious housing.

The interior has been designed to perfection, fitted with an Alcantara steering wheel and ergonomic touches.

On the other hand, preferring the third row requires forfeiting boot space which makes it difficult to store luggage conveniently.


Subjectively, the Defender V8 may not necessarily align with current trends while some competitors might outperform it in different aspects.

However, its appeal lies in the fact that it entertains and charms one.

Expensive and fuel-inefficient though the Defender V8 may be, it is unique and special due to its ability to bring joy every day.


The Land Rover Defender V8 embraces excess in its performance, design, and off-road capabilities.

It might not be the most practical or eco-friendly choice, but for those seeking a distinctive and thrilling driving experience, the Defender V8 is hard to match in today's market.

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