Maserati Quattroporte Electric: Exciting Launch Update!

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Masserati’s Electric Quattroporte Saloon Launch Plans Postponed

Masserati’s Electric Quattroporte Saloon Launch Plans Postponed

Porsche Taycan Rival is Faced With Delay Due to Powertrain Improvement and Price Cut.

Maserati’s Launch of Next-Gen Quattroporte Gets Paused, Leaving Mid-2025 Fate in Greyland

To everyone’s surprise, Maserati postpones the debut of the seventh-generation Quattroporte, and uncertainty arises around initial qualification for mid-2025 showroom plans of the electric successor.

Finally, originally scheduled for its introduction in early 2025 as a smaller and more luxurious battery-powered successor to both the current Maserati Quattroporte V8 and Ghibli models.

But the brand suspended its production plans, stating that ‘we keep informing our suppliers and partners on this matter.’ Car enthusiasts are now waiting for more details about Maserati’s reworked master plan.

Reasons for Postponement

According to the Automotive News Europe, a spokesperson confirmed that postponement of EV was done in order not “to have zero risks on performance level new car,” meaning more work needed before final sign off.

Reportedly, supplier pricing negotiations are one of the main reasons for this delay, and Stellantis is trying to cut costs by about 6%.

Presentation Schedule

As such, the presentation of the new Quattroporte is set to take place no sooner than in the second half of 20XX.

Challenges in Electrification Journey

This obstacle represents the most recent challenge in Maserati's electrification journey.

In the past, the brand resorted to adjustments in build timelines of Folgore versions for Maserati GranTurismo and Maserati Grecale electric models scheduled for delivery soon.

However, the company remains committed to its aspirations of a fully electrified lineup by 2030 as it runs out of life on combustion models in series production before the end-of-the-decade.

Investigating the Entirety of Maserati Quattroporte Folgore’s Features

Investigating the Entirety of Maserati Quattroporte Folgore’s Features

Maserati’s third raid into electric territory, the Quattroporte Folgore about to roll out will signal a dramatic change.

As the first Maserati model with no combustion option, it leads the charge of its brand’s pledge to produce a lineup devoid of any combustions by 2030.

CEO's Vision for Quattroporte Folgore

CEO Grasso hinted that the much-anticipated rivals to Porsche Taycan would be ‘undisputedly a Maserati’, representing brand character, but also embracing unknown design territory.

Referred to as ‘a disruptive design project,’ the latest EV is likely to borrow from new GT and Grecale iterations for inspiration but will carry a dramatic look driven by its electric core with emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency.

Unique Characteristics and Positioning

While not dropping names of the direct competitors, Grasso hinted at two standout characteristics for this EV saloon: its obvious sense of luxury and Italian flair.

These unique characteristics will strengthen the position of Maserati as a provider of true luxury and secure healthy margins, making sure its results from 2022 are sustained.

Strategic Focus on Luxury and Profitability

With a price tag that will match, the arriving Maserati electric saloon is set to be more oriented towards Quattroporte opulence over Ghibli.

Strategically, Maserati will no longer focus on the mainstream executive part by way of high-volume sales.

CEO Grasso underlined this decision by saying: ‘ As a luxury brand, you pick what not to do and then you choose what is done.

I will not play there.

We are not for everybody.

We are for people who want to pay more in order to get a unique performance and luxury feel.

Grecale as a Prime Example

Grasso cited the Grecale as a prime example of how Maserati can convey its luxury essence in a more accessible, volume-friendly package. With a driver-focused cockpit, ample rear legroom, and meticulous attention to detail, the Grecale sets itself apart from competitors, showcasing Maserati's commitment to delivering a distinctive and luxurious driving experience.

Switch from Volume to Profitability

Thus, Grasso stressed the switch from volume to profitability.

We have freed ourselves to think about volume.

What we do results in volume.

As the driver, we have profitability; - for why luxury does not happen without quality and therefore.

Future Electric Giulia and Quattroporte EV

All indications show that the Quattroporte EV will follow Alfa Romeo’s future electric Giulia, predicted to use STLA Large platform introduced recently.

There are rumors of a shared powertrain, likely with the promised 1000bhp range-topping engine and an intimidating Trofeo variant.

With a platform designed to support battery propulsion allowing more than 500 miles of range and powerful motors, the Quattroporte EV is Maserati’s best performance car as yet.

The new Quattroporte will find a place in the premium automotive sector as an electric luxury performance vehicle, having estimated target price of approximately £150k and selling exclusively in EV form (as opposed to Granturismo Folgore priced around £200s).


Maserati pushes back the release of the seventh-generation Quattroporte, raising questions about its potential midyear 2025 launch. The high-end brand cites a cautious approach, avoiding risks in the performance of the new car, attributed to ongoing pricing negotiations with suppliers and cost-cutting measures.

With the introduction of its third electrified model, the Quattroporte Folgore, Maserati takes a significant step towards a fully electric lineup by 2030. Priced at approximately £150,000 and emphasizing luxury, an Italian touch, and a unique driving experience, this performance EV marks a shift from prioritizing sales volume to focusing on profitability.

Quattroporte EV Unveiling

Maserati unveiled the Quattroporte EV alongside Alfa Romeo's electric Giulia. Positioned as a formidable competitor against the Porsche Taycan, this luxurious offering boasts powertrain capabilities driven by advanced technology.

  • The seventh-generation Quattroporte release is delayed, sparking speculation about a midyear 2025 launch.
  • Maserati attributes the delay to a cautious approach, avoiding risks in the performance of the new car.
  • Pricing negotiations with suppliers and cost-cutting measures contribute to the decision.
  • The Quattroporte Folgore, Maserati's third electrified model, signals a move towards a fully electric lineup by 2030.
  • Priced at approximately £150,000, the Quattroporte Folgore prioritizes luxury, an Italian touch, and a unique driving experience.
  • Maserati shifts focus from sales volume to profitability with the introduction of the Quattroporte Folgore.
  • The Quattroporte EV, unveiled alongside Alfa Romeo's electric Giulia, competes fiercely against the Porsche Taycan.
  • Emphasizing advanced technology, the Quattroporte EV offers a luxurious stand with powerful powertrain capabilities.
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