Top 10 Car Models, SUVs, and Electric Vehicles Coming in 2024

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Top 10 Car Models, SUVs, and Electric Vehicles Coming in 2024

Top 10 Cars in 2024 - Acura, Cadillac, BMW, and more roll out their new products for the model year

Step into 2024, we're thrilled to have you here! As we dive headfirst into the new year, let's explore the thrilling lineup of cars awaiting you in 2024.
From a plethora of SUVs and electric wonders to a sprinkle of sports cars, the list boasts names like Acura, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.
Join us on this journey and share which cars you're eagerly anticipating to bring home in 2024.

Cars List

Acura TLX 2024

Acura TLX 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Now
  • Price: $45,245

In 2024, Acura makes a few subtle refreshments in the TLX sedan. As you may blink, the frameless grille and eye-catching rollers of those amazing 19 inches in size will appear to your eyes.

GOODENGTH DETAIL Another option pre-equipped with all-wheel drive at no additional charge is the exceptional A-Spec version.

2024 AcuaraWatch takes the lead in safety with updated packs available across all TLX versions.

Acura TLX 2024 ready to hit the road, starts at $45,245 out the door; for moreover it’s a choreographed clash with all forced thatacking together which you have got an WPXN SMD line-up of deemed monarchies.

Acura ZDX 2024

Acura ZDX 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Early 2024
  • Price: $60,000 range

The inaugural electric SUV in Acura’s bold twist of the iconic ZDX nameplate.

The Acura ZDX, which is set to release in the first quarter of this year, offers a more conservative style compared with its bold ancestor.

This SUV named an infotainment system powered by Google and boasting a show-stopping 500 horsepower Type S model, Acura recently called ‘the most powerful’ quickest accelerating to date.

Because of their initial cost ‘about $60,000 and an amazing range up to 325 miles, the ZDX is ready to change how Americans see electric SUVs.

Chevrolet Blazer EV 2024

Chevrolet Blazer EV 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Now
  • Price: $56,745

But controversy is not excluded from the drama of Chevrolet Blazer EV, which will undoubtedly be electrifying.

Under the hood is an 85.0-kWh battery pack providing a healthy 288 horsepower and torque in the envelope of around 394 Nm or some units closer to that being downright luxuriant for this particular type of EV production coming inside an electric car but hey it’s all good, right? Prefer the 102.0-kWh battery instead, and you will receive a fantastic peak of up to 340 horsepower The SUV is intended to challenge expectations with a maximum range of 320 miles.

Offer the SS variant, coming into stores after fall in 2018 as target whileing up to you with such a great delivery of adrenaline – stunning hp. Presently, the US base Blazer EV is already on wheels as it costs $56,745.

Cadillac Celestiq 2024

Cadillac Celestiq 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Early 2024
  • Price: $340,000

Other than that, seek forward to the show up of the Cadillac Celestiq in 2024.

Being sold at an expensive-than anticipated price of USD 340,000 this EV luxury is set to make the definition if opulence all over again.

The Celestiq, which is set to deliver approximately 600 horsepower with the assistance of a dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration was found to be capable of a sizzling sprint from zero mile an hour open sixty miles per hour in just three point eight seconds.

Indulging themselves with this luxury, the drivers will be entitled to an impressive driving range of more than 300 miles per trip; every trip is nothing short of fascinating entertainment.

Tesla Cybertruck 2024

Tesla Cybertruck 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Now
  • Price: $60,990

Finally, after years of waiting eagerly in anticipation, the Cybertruck stormed into the market.

Tesla unveils its new pickup collection in three action-packed versions – rear-drive, all-wheel drive and the beastly Cyberbeast.

The Cyberbeast, which packs a whopping 845 horsepower and an equally amazing sub-3 seconds acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour time is the ultimate amalgam of power performance.

It attacks on both form and substance, can tow up 11,000 pounds while getting around with its single charge about 320 miles all of these for a price at $99.

In case for less extreme version there is AWD option at the cost of $79,900 delivering 60ohp with a specs of 0-to –65 mph in 4.1 seconds and extended range up to 34 miles.

Genesis G70 2024

Genesis G70 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Early 2024
  • Price: $40,525

Prepare for astonishment as the year 2024 sees another immaculate arrival, that of Cadillac Celestiq.

With a price tag of more than what the market had expected at $340,000 this luxury electric car is recreating opulence.

Beneath the bonnet, a whopping 600 hp is set to meet your needs via another dual-motor AWD system that guarantees an undeniable click of power as it sprints from zero to sixty mph in just about 3.8 seconds.

Luxury at its pinnacle, the Celestiq offers an exceptional driving range of over 300 miles per charge completing every trip with an outstanding experience.

Subaru BRZ tS 2024

Subaru BRZ tS 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Early 2024
  • Price: $36,465

The 2024 BRZ tS by Subaru is infused with sportiness into the entry-level sports car.

This version comes equipped with a STI-tuned suspension system which has Hitachi shock absorbers providing excellent driving comfort.

The tS model is a version of the BRZ Premium on which larger brakes—including four-piston Brembos in front and two pistons at the rear for effective stopping performance door.

Rolling on 18-inch wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires, this high-end model is equipped with the Subaru EyeSight driver assists as standard equipment placing it at the top of all the BRZ trims.

Audi Q8 / SQ8 2024

Audi Q8 2024
Audi SQ8 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Early 2024
  • Price: $74,895 / $97,705

The Audi Q8 and SQ8 usher in a new design to the 2024 model.

Their appearance is not the only aspect that has changed; Audi introduces an upgrade featuring a modernized updated version of their traditional octagonal Singleframe grille enhanced with wider intakes and distinctive honeycomb pattern.

Taking the visual appeal to another level is standard-fit matrix-design LED headlights on all full grades.

There is a new engine that powers the model’s base, which is an updated version of the 3.0-liter inline-six delivering some solid horsepower at about 354 and with even more power on torque given by around pound feet – three hundred sixty-nine pounds.

In the midst of, the SQ8 cranks out its muscles with a twin-turboed 4.0L V8 producing an admirable output value of 500 hp and generating torque force amounting to massive numbers at approximately around 612 lb ft.

As far as pricing is concerned, the base Q8 in 2024 costs $74,895 while SQ8 retails at an estimated amount of $97,705.

Mercedes-Benz CLE / CLE53 2024

Mercedes-Benz CLE 2024
Mercedes-Benz CLE53 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Early 2024
  • Price: $40,525

Mercedes’ choice to combine the C-class Coupe and E class Coupe into a large, roomy two-door wonder known as CLE is gutsy.

As for the base model, it comes with a dynamic twin-turbo inline-six engine that provides 375 horsepower and is carefully incorporated into its MBUX infused touchscreen sporting 12.

For those who want an added adrenaline rush, the CLE53 takes things into overdrive with a definitive inline-six increase that bumps up power to 443 hp and produces impressive results in just 0.6 seconds at zero to sixty mph mark.

As much as that is, fans will have to be a little patient because these cars are scheduled for release on some streets in the spike of a few weeks.

BMW X2 / iX2 2024

BMW iX2 2024
BMW X2 2024
  • On-Sale Date: Now
  • Price: $42,995 / $82,900

The 2024 BMW X5 has just made an appearance in the scene. It features a striking design and myriad of powertrains options, which includes an electric type.

Twenty-four seven horsepower and two hundred ninety-five pound-feet of torque are delivered in a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline-type X2 engine that once switching on instantly begins its work, which is noted by the fact it takes three seconds to go from standstill position up to sixty kilometers per hour note speedometer limit set nowadays in Europe only because recently.

For people who want to turn up the volume, there’s M35i that adds 312 hp and takes it from zero-to-60 mph in just about five seconds. On the other hand, the electric iX2 guarantees a whopping 450 kilometres of range (WLTP), as its launch in America is delayed to endorsed times later on that year.


With that, we come to an end of our article 'Top 10 Car Models, SUVs, and Electric Vehicles Coming in 2024' which holds all the potential for a massive transformation among automotive landscape. These forthcoming vehicles are sure to bring state-of –the art designs, novel technologies and environmentally sound solutions which will define the industry in a new way. Stay tuned to enjoy the thrill ride into and anticipate what’s next in automotive innovation, where style meets performance and sustainability for a taste of tomorrow.

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