The Event for Peugeot’s Electric Revolution – Presenting e-Lion Day.

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The Event for Peugeot’s Electric Revolution – Presenting e-Lion Day.

Beyond the Drive – Peugeot’s Allure Care and Electrified Road Map.

ChatGPT Integration and Sustainability Programs:

The combination of technology and sustainability proves to be unique for the brand Peugeot in 2024.

With the incorporation of ChatGPT into iCockpit infotainment system, a new element is brought in user engagement.

This smooth fusion of the functionalities usual to a car with communicative chat features increases your satisfaction from driving in general.

In terms of sustainability, Peugeot is not only making cars but a green environment.

The e-3008 made with 23% recycled materials is but a start.

The target of the Peugeot is 40% recycled and biosourced materials in each vehicle by the year 2030.

The affiliations with Galloo and Orano highlight the organizations’ commitment to eco-friendly scrappage programs.

Electrification Roadmap and Performance Prowess:

Peugeot is moving towards a greener future with an extensive electrification roadmap. The commitment includes:

  • Pure electric derivatives for larger (308-size and above).
  • Addition of mild hybrid versions to improve the gas mileage.
  • Development of internal battery gigafactories.
  • Unleashing a fleet of electrified performance cars designed by Peugeot Sport.

Peugeot Allure Care: A Revolutionary Warranty:

Revolutionally, Peugeot presents the eight-year warranty or 160 thousand kilometers plan called Peugeot Allure Care covering major elements like electric motor powertrain and all electrical mechanical parts. This revolutionary warranty program, beginning with the e-3008, makes Peugeot another first for being a European brand offering such wide coverage. The phased rollout combined with routine servicing lengthens the warranty demonstrating Peugeot’s commitment to assure its customers.

Peugeot e-3008

Peugeot e-3008: Preparing for Electric Ecstasy.

The selection of the Stellantis STLA Medium platform by Peugeot for e-308 could be considered a deliberate step towards configurability and electrification. Such an electric range of up to 700 km presages a stunning future for the world of electrical cars.

Peugeot e-408

Peugeot e-408: The Electric Frontiers:

Peugeot presents the e-408, an electric model that is slated for release in 2013. This development signifies the driver that Lion enters interesting electric divisions because of Peugeot’s usual determination to innovativeness and safe driving.

Peugeot e-5008

Peugeot e-5008: Rewriting Electric SUVs:

Peugeot adds to its electric army the e-5008. This electric SUV to be released in few weeks speaks about Peugeot’s commitment of delivering electrification options for a number of vehicle segments.

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208: The car of the year 2020 in Europe.

The e-208, a zero emission supermini with 50kWh battery pack was awarded as the Europe’s Car of the Year for 2. With lashings of style and technology, it still delivers a top-class cockpit.

Peugeot e-2008

Peugeot e-2008: SUV Style, but with Electric Matter.

The e-2008 uses the same 53kWh battery pack and 169Nm of torque as was contained in its supermini sibling. On the other hand, its SUV design gives it a high stance and more room in cabin space as it mixes style with electric content.

Peugeot e-308 Hatch and SW Estate

Peugeot e-308 Hatch and SW Estate: Electric Sophistication

The e-308 hatch and SW estate feature a 54kWh battery pack, outputting 154bhp while retaining the same appearance as their combustion engine versions. These models incorporate electrified sophistication into the 308 range.

Peugeot e-Rifter

Peugeot e-Rifter: A Practical Electricity on Wheels.

Equipped with a 50kWh battery pack and a 132bhp electric motor, the e-Rifter is practicality in action. With prices starting from £32, 300 this model offers an electric alternative for those looking for versatility.

Peugeot e-Traveller

Peugeot e-Traveller: Marvel in Electric Passenger-Carrying.

The e-Traveller, the electric passenger variant of Traveller van has a 50kWh battery pack with five or eight seats Scheduled to arrive in the United Kingdom around 2019, it fuses comfort with environmental friendliness.

Conclusion: Driving to a Carbon Neutral 2038

Peugeot’s e-Lion Day 2024 is not just an event; it serves as a testament to the future for all of us, where sustainability and electrification will reign.

Not only is Peugeot driving but it’s leading the charge with innovative warranties, new electric companions and a roadmap that combines performance while being ecologically responsible for carbon neutrality by 2038.

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