2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo: Setting the Fashion Trend

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2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo: Setting the Fashion Trend

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo Establishes the Fashion in 2024.

Electric Utility Reimagined: The VW ID. Buzz Cargo Revolutionizes the Future in 2024.

In a world that is rapidly changing towards environmentally-friendly solutions, the VW ID. Buzz Cargo is revealed as a realistic trendsetter who dares undermine the utilities of utility vehicles.

Forget the conventional Citroen H van: if you want both practicality and a touch of style for your green activities, go ID. Buzz Cargo is your answer.

What's New?

The ID. Buzz Cargo means a change from the usual, inspired by T1 van and looking towards what is yet to come.

Being an electric van with a skateboard-style battery, the vehicle shares its MEB platform with other VW Group EVs.

Featuring a single electric motor, integrated rear axle and minimalist cabin design that matches the contemporary character of ID family as a whole.


The ID. Buzz Cargo presents itself as a formidable competitor.

On the other hand, compared to competitors such as Vauxhall Vivaro Electric its payload is less.

However, its impressive 201bhp electric motor accelerates it from 0-62mph in just under a minute, which represents both power and efficiency.

Taking into account the rapid changing environment of delivery requirements, where 50% of vans in Britain operate within a range radius 15 miles from their base site, the ID. Buzz Cargo’s theoretical range of 254 miles (actual world Range over 200) from its 77kWh battery makes it a trustworthy option.

It’s practicality is enhanced with 30-minute charging time to provide a five from 80 percent and vehicle-to grid option conspicuously missing.

Driving Experience

Driving Experience:

The ID. Buzz Cargo resembles car-like driving and provides a relaxed speed along with great sound insulation.

Its 201bhp engine ensures high acceleration, which makes it perfect for city deliveries.

The ride’s comfort of the van is laudable, cushioning bumps well, yet an empty rear may affect its reaction to uneven grounds.

Interior and Trims:

Even if the interior design falls short of what is outside, it gives warmth with a car-like angle to its steering wheel and space that feels.

The dashboard design, which is common for VW products combines a small screen that displays core info and an enlarged touchscreen to provide more controls.

Available in two trims – Commerce (£48,541) and Commerce Plus (£53), Buzz Cargo serves varied needs.

Both trims come equipped with standard Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, while Commerce Plus also offers premium features such as ‘Discover Pro’ navigation, 19-inch wheels and adaptive cruise control.

Rivals and Verdict

Rivals and Verdict:

Vauxhall Vivaro Electric and Ford e-Transit, as competitors target the growing segment of electric vans.

While the ID. Although Buzz Cargo does not always lead by payload capacity, these characteristics do make it an interesting option for delivery companies looking to develop a distinct personality.


With a sense of fun injected into the pragmatic market, Buzz Cargo becomes another incarnation in VW’s iconic van heritage.

Though not the epitome of practicality, this one takes its place as an attractive eco-friendly option for delivery services and appeals to be a good choice in electric utility vehicles.

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